Our goal…


Different markets have different needs. It’s obvious that the better you understand your customers and the closer you are located to them, much easier for you to serve them. HORAUF China is a consequent step of trying to better serve the domestic market in China and the emerging markets. The right product for the right market!


Our goal is to become the market leader in each of the markets we serve. Wewill earn this leadership position by providing to our customers innovative,high-quality, cost-effective, and environmentally responsible products. We willadd value to these products by providing excellentcustomer service throughour uncompromising commitment to customer satisfaction. To do this so as toearn an  profit which is required for the company to grow and providethe opportunity for our employees andshareholders to achieve theirreasonable personal objectives.


                                                                                      Werner Stahlecker /President of Horauf Germany

                                                                                              Kelvin Zhu/General Manager of Horauf China 


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